Immediate Awareness

  • Nightly automatic uploads to the cloud via a private cellular connection
  • Online portal for results viewing, or email notification
  • Pinpoint changes in job happiness by location
  • Achieve faster reaction time on issue resolution
  • Build trust with staff through transparency in results


Anonymous & Easy

  • Get instant feedback on the work environment
  • Visibly show your employees that you care
  • Keep one question year round, or add other kiosks with rotating questions
  • Fun, easy, always on‚Äč

job happiness smiley terminals for continuous Employee Job Happiness measurement!

Text HONCOMMENT to 313131 to submit an anonymous comment

Receive comments via text or QR Code

  • Encourage comments or suggestions on your smiley terminal sign
  • Quick 10 second comment process directly from mobile phone (Text message or QR Code)
  • Immediate comment delivery to your HR manager or other designated job happiness champion

How did you enjoy your workday?

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Increase Job Happiness

  • Demonstrate commitment to a strong culture with everyday visibility
  • Communicate insights gained and actions taken for improvement
  • Experience better productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

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Web Smileys are now available too.

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Happy-or-Not for Employee Satisfaction