Harassment training kansas city

It's not about what's legal...it's about doing what's right.



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Workplace of Respect

Our F.E.D. Learning Model 

Flip, Equip & Drip

This innovative program replaces all the dated, awkward, and ineffective 'harassment' training programs that we've all endured.

No more hokey videos with paid actors, cringe-worthy animations, or boring lawyer-led lectures!

This real-life learning program addresses the law stuff while focusing on the real purpose of this sort of training: Creating a great workplace filled with respect, honor, and welcome behavior.‚Äč

How it Works

Using our unique flipped classroom model, a content video is watched in advance of a group workshop. Participants then gather for an "equipping session" focused on interaction, Q&A, role playing, and hands-on learning.

Our approach allows your chosen internal resource to facilitate the session, or have a Wolf Prairie facilitator involved. 

Following the workshop, a series of text messages or emails will remind participants of the important points, and encourage real-life application.  

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