As an Authorized Reseller of HappyOrNot services, we bring the power of instant feedback to your organization. We specialize in employee feedback uses and can help can you create a solution that works. 

​​Organizational strength is achieved by having the right people, in the right jobs, in the right organizational design. We can help you get this done. 


This is not just any training class. It is a year-long leadership development experience. Participants learn and practice the key skills of leading others through twelve monthly workshops. Peer-to-peer support, accountability, and application make this program second-to-none.

The influence of  leaders can't be overstated. Leadership is hard and does not come naturally to most. We help through assessment, coaching, and training .

If employees aren't happy in their jobs, organizational strategies fail.  We help you monitor, measure, and maximize employee job happiness all year long. 

Whether you want a one-minute pulse poll, or a detailed annual assessment of employee engagement, culture health, or job happiness, our solutions are exactly what the doctor ordered.


This program meets the EEOC's expectations for effective prevention of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation... while actually teaching common sense and human decency. Why not make a commitment to having a Workplace of Respect?

Everything DiSC is the premier "DISC" product on the market today. These research-backed assessments are perfect for team development, personal growth, and creating stronger communication in your organization.

Real-life solutions for organizational, leadership, and team challenges.