Omni-Dimensional Leadership

Omni-Dimensional Leadership

Module Summary

Before any real training and development can take place, a person must see the need and believe in its importance. In this powerful module, we focus on the true nature of leadership. 

Emphasis is placed on describing the heart of the leader, the sacrifice required, and establishing a foundation upon which to equip leaders with the day-to-day skills necessary for effective leadership at any level. 

"Shepherd-style" leadership is discussed as a vivid example of well-rounded, sacrificial, yet strong leadership. 

This session also drives growth through self-awareness using a specialized leadership-oriented DiSC® personality assessment called The 8 Dimensions of Leadership. (Book provided.)


Pre-work: Complete short 8 Dimensions of Leadership Assessment (Online); view 10-minute content video.
Workshop: 90 minutes of interaction, networking, and application
Post-work: Review a couple of short encouraging messages delivered via email or text.

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