RLL KIL Drip 1 - Overview

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are bad. Doing nothing about them is a whole lot worse.

As a supervisor of people, your organization has placed a higher level of trust in you. This means that you must take action to address any issues of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that come to your attention.

Why This is Important

Case law is full of examples where supervisors, managers, and leaders were told of harassment or other illegal behaviors, but did nothing. In 100% of cases, this results in bad news for the organization, and for the leader involved. 

Bad behavior happens. The courts understand this. But they are a lot less understanding when organizations fail to take action. 

We Understand

Taking action on these things is not always pleasant. We get that. It's awkward, it's time-consuming, it's unfamiliar. 

Remember, if the issue is ignored and turns into an EEOC complaint or lawsuit, life will get seriously complicated. 

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