Shoot Straight Coaching

We don't coddle. We shoot straight.
Leadership coaching that doesn't pull punches.

To be effective as leaders (and humans) we must understand the weaknesses and limitations of our natural styles and priorities. 


Shoot Straight Leadership Coaching

Why does an elite athlete employ a coach? Is it to ensure there is someone there to point out all the things he is doing well? Is it to highlight her strengths and skills? No. A coach is someone that seeks to explain the limitations and rough spots in our game. Our strengths and natural skills are typically obvious. They are often what we are known for. They are clear in our behaviors, tendencies, and personal style. 

The first step in true leadership and personal growth is the self-awareness that comes from an honest assessment of our personal strengths, weaknesses, preferences and styles. Once we gain an understanding of ourselves, coaching becomes a critical element to growing in our ability to lead well.

Our coaching programs builds off the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment as a model for growth. Whether you choose a six session follow-up package to the DiSC assessment, or an ongoing coaching relationship, you can count on us to shoot straight with you, challenge you, and hold you accountable. 

The Program

Wolf Prairie believes in the power of accountability. It has been said that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Knowing what needs to be done, and actually doing it are two very different things. In times of stress, we retreat to what we like and to what comes naturally. Our coaching programs can help ensure progress is made toward personal and leadership effectiveness.

Many leadership principles are universal. Our one-on-one coaching is equally effective for new supervisors and seasoned C-suite executives alike. 

Six Sessions

Starting with the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment, and its Vision-Alignment-Execution (VAE) model as a baseline, we provide a package of six one-on-one coaching sessions designed to implement and practice behaviors necessary for well-rounded leadership.

Ongoing coaching is also available and recommended. Whether once per week or once per month, accountability and continued coaching is helpful to stay on track toward development goals.   
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