The FED Learning Model

The F.E.D.
Learning Model

Flip, Equip, Drip


The Flipped Classroom

Wolf Prairie uses the "Flipped Classroom" concept which turns traditional training on its head. Rather than having content dumped on a group in a classroom, our content is delivered simply and practically via video in ADVANCE of a workshop. 

Each participant is able to watch a short video, review, repeat, pause, contemplate, and generally absorb key content at his or her own pace whenever it's most convenient. 

Equipping People to Act

People learn things by doing them. Training is not
about cramming vast amounts of knowledge into our 
heads. It's about grasping a key principle and putting it into practice.

We limit our "equipping sessions" to 60-minutes whenever possible. During those sessions, we put principles into action through practice, role-playing, and observation.

Tactical. Practical. Applicable.

Drip Irrigation Learning

Traditional training often resembles using a fire hose to water a houseplant. Large quantities of water all at once does very little to promote growth and change.

"Drip Irrigation" learning is the teaching of concepts in smaller quantities over time, giving each key principle time to settle into our daily lives. It gives people a chance to make changes, implement new techniques, and actually become transformed.

Our equipping sessions are followed up with reinforcing techniques like emails or text messages with reminders, encouragement, and links to the content that was learned. 
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