Employee Job Happiness

Job Happiness Matters

Never mind "engagement." If employees aren't happy with their job situations... nothing else matters.

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Monitoring Employee Job Happiness Should be Ongoing

Evaluating and responding to changes in your culture and job happiness levels takes an ongoing, year-long effort. Employee sentiments, attitudes, and satisfaction levels can change quickly. 

We believe in the annual assessment of employee engagement and satisfaction, but also encourage maintaining an open dialogue throughout the year. Never lose momentum again as we work with you to keep employee feedback flowing. 

Six Factor Annual Job Happiness Survey

Any employee survey should yield actionable information. Our annual survey is a 7-10 minute, 48 question assessment which sets a job happiness baseline. The survey aligns to the proven principles of the Workplace Six framework of job happiness and cultural health.
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Fairness
  • Growth
  • Relationships
  • Trust

One Minute Pulse Polls

Every 60 days, we help you check the job happiness pulse with a unique one minute pulse poll each measuring job happiness from a slightly different angle. The result: A fuller picture of employee sentiment, satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.
  • Five single question polls
  • Each with a unique survey response (emotions, NPS, Five Stars, slider, forced choice)
  • Word analysis provided on comments
  • Delivered via email
  • Takes just one minute to complete 

Virtual Comment Box

Using KEYWORD TEXT MESSAGING and QR code technology, give your employees the ability to make suggestions for workplace improvement and job happiness ideas. Immediate feedback, open dialogue, and ongoing comments are just a click away.
  • Include links to your branded comment box in emails, on intranet pages
  • Encourage texting of comments
  • Post QR codes in employee break rooms or on bulletin boards

Onboarding and Offboarding

Measure "first impressions" 3-4 weeks after a new employee starts! The onboarding evaluation focuses on employment brand, the recruiting process, and orientation/onboarding effectiveness. The offboarding interview, gathers traditional exit interview data, causes for departure, and suggestions for retaining others. Never miss an opportunity to learn!

Support, Advice, Consulting

Enjoy ongoing consulting, communication support, action planning, and project implementation by a Wolf Prairie consultant. (Included as part of annual program fee.)

HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals

As an authorized partner for HappyOrNot®, we provide Smiley Terminals, Web Smileys, and other tools to monitor employee, customer, or patient satisfaction levels simply and efficiently. Click here for more information. 
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